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What Is a Micron, and how does it relate to my rosin?

                We know by now that pressing rosin only takes 2 natural elements, heat and pressure. But even though the process of extraction is 100% solventless, you do run the risk of introducing undesired plant matter in your rosin. This could be easily avoided by the use of a nylon mesh micron bag.
                The word Micron literally means: a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter, used in many technological and scientific fields.
                Simply put, reeeallly reallly small. Here are some examples of some common microns used for hash and rosin extraction just to give you an idea of exactly how small we are talking:
120 μ – As small as a Grain of salt -
90 μ – As small as a speck of pollen
75 μ – smaller than a human hair
25 μ – Size of a white blood cell
                The larger the micron filter size (or μ) , the larger the holes in the mesh screen will be, too large of a micron could allow plant matter to be squeezed through the filter, while too small of a micron won’t allow any oil to escape from the bag.
                The philosophy of pressing rosin is ultimately to produce a healthier, cleaner product, compared to simply combusting the flower or soaking the flower in solvents. Applying fire to any plant matter, or solvent, releases smoke and carcinogens that could be deemed harmful to the lungs, causing inflammation, irritation or in some extreme cases, even cancer. By using a micron mesh filter, ONLY the THC and other necessary cannabinoids are forced through the screen.
Which Micron is best to choose?
                Micron screens aren’t just used for pressing, they are also used largely in the Hash and kief/sift making process,  (more on that in a future blog) but when it comes to pressing however, we recommend using a 35 μ mesh. This size will provide your flower or hash with enough space for the THC and other cannabinoids to pass through, all while holding back any plant matter or “undesirables”  that could be unhealthy, even harmful if smoked.
                 If you look around online, you'll find a variety of differing opinions related to this matter, and can even find information saying to press flower in as large a micron as 120u. But, as always, we urge you to do what works BEST FOR YOU!
do a few test squashes in different microns and see which works best for you!
Quick Tip: One bag is all you will need when pressing buds, but we recommend double-bagging your hash. This will prevent the bag from potentially slipping open, or bursting (Also referred to as a blow out) -- This is an issue mainly because pressing rosin is supposed to be a healthier alternative to combusting flower, and defeats the purpose if there is any plant matter left behind.
                You will also need to consider the size of the plates you are using to help determine what Length and width of the bag you would need to use to best suit your needs.  Here at Sasquash, we offer 4 different sized bags guaranteed to work with any press, ranging from a max pack load of 7 grams of flower, all the way up to 2 full ouces. Packing the bags is easy and requires just a bit of effort on your part to ensure the bag is packed tightly and evenly throughout. Over packing your bag could result in lower than desired yields or blow outs.
Quick Tip: It’s a general rule of thumb that you should pack the same amount of hash/kief into your micron bag,for example, if  you can fit 7 grams of flower into our 2.25” x 4” bags, it would make it safe to assume you can fit about the same amount of hash/kief. Always be sure your hash is dried properly before pressing, and never grind your flower
                Even though a Micron bag isn’t REQUIRED to produce rosin, you can hopefully see the importance they hold over your health and over all quality of the finished result. Keep us in mind for anything you may need when it comes to pressing. From bags to freeze dryers, let us here at Sasquash Rosin Press be your go to source for education and resources.
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